Rigid Global Buildings Now Offering SOLAR

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Rigid Global Buildings has been a landmark in the metal building industry offering metal buildings for all industry types in virtually any shape and size for years. As sustainable building become standard in the steel building industry – Solar is the perfect combination of renewable energy and metal buildings.

As the technology for Solar has continued to expand, renewable energy is no longer a thing of the past but now a reality. The solar modules today are designed to last up to 30 years and more – the building it is on – and more importantly – the roof it is on should last as long if not longer.

Through Rigid Global Solar – Rigid is bringing solar to the construction industry. With the solar programs and information available through Rigid Global Solar you have everything you need. The solar system comes with everything necessary to install and integrate, including electrical drawings. Once connected, your system will start generating clean renewable energy immediately.

Crystalline Solar PanelRigid offers two solar modules – crystalline modules and PV laminate modules. Crystalline modules are typically less expensive and generate more energy. They are mounted directly to a standing seam metal roof with specially designed clips to maintain a penetration free roof system, or if you have a conventional roof they can be applied utilizing a racking system. If aesthetics are a concern, PV laminate modules are applied directly to a standing seam metal roof panel using a peel and stick application – also providing a penetration free roof system. The PV laminate solar modules are flush with the metal roof providing a seamless effect on the roof system.

The square footage and direction of the angle of the roof determine the size of the solar application for each project. If the project is in the early stages, designers can ensure the best location for optimum effectiveness of a solar system by placing the angle of the roof at the prime location to receive the most amount of sunlight available. Rigid Global Solar offers systems ranging from 0.7 kWp to systems over 250+ kWp.

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