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Phonebox Language School offers people the possibility to learn English online via Skype of phone, according to their preferences and needs. The persons who choose to learn English with the help of this online platform have the possibility to plan their courses in time, and this offers them great control, freedom and flexibility. If there are people who are not convinced if they should try the lessons offered by this provider, then they have the possibility to try the free trial lesson. It is considered that Phonebox Language School is one of the most comfortable schools of the world, because they allow people to improve their language skills from home. This online platform provides ISIC Programs, which means that students can benefit from discounts when they opt for English lessons with a native mother tongue teacher. These programs also include exam preparation courses, so they are considered quite complex.

The Phonebox Language School offers web access to their online school for the students who need to book or cancel some of the lessons. Also, there they can see the lesson report and access the specialized materials. The courses offered by this online school are convenient for the people who are too busy to attend traditional courses. If they opt for a corso inglese Skype they would be the ones who will have control over the time and place of the courses. Each one of the lessons offered by The Phonebox Language School lasts 30 minutes. They were designed like this because they want to help people focus on the lessons and to benefit of intensive learning. In this way, even the persons who have a busy agenda will have no issues in finding time to improve their language skills. The students will not have to spend any time before and after the courses, the entire learning process happens during the phone call. This online school uses Skype, a calling service, to offer their student advanced English lessons. It does not matter if the students are home or at the office, as long as they could talk via Skype they can benefit of the courses.

A lezione inglese Skype would help the students focus on the language they learn, because they can listen and they can improve their conversational skills quickly. They are the ones who decide the details of their experience, and if they want get a course similar to the one they would have in a class, they can choose to have a webcam. All the teachers who offer lessons via this online school are professionally trained mother tongues and they are specialized in making the lessons effective and fun. The students have the possibility to book and cancel the classes 6 hours before they start, and they also have access to English language specialized materials. Also, this online school states that they use materials from famous providers in the learning process, as Macmillan, Oxford University, and Cambridge University Press. Their materials cover all the key components of a language training, English speaking, English general, exam preparation, English business and Listening skills in English.